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the wife of a cook

Posted in Uncategorized by Jules on 29 January 2006

(preface: sean would never and will never refer to himself as a chef because he believes that CHEF is a title you earn something you accomplish. therefore he would call himself a cook.)
there is this big myth that has been started somewhere. that if you live with someone who cooks for a living that you must eat incredible things night and day. AND IT’S TRUE. i have a fabulous life, it’s wonderful, and I do eat amazing things. however –
this is also the life as the wife of a cook. you do not eat dinner together. you do not eat lunch together, and you mostly just don’t eat together. because although you have time for breakfast, most likely the cook didn’t get home before 2am at times. would you ask the love of your life to wake up at 7am and make you breakfast if he didn’t got to bed until 3am? would you? no, you wouldn’t.
sometimes you would stay up until 1am to wait for him to get home, and most times you would eat dinner by yourself. and that’s okay. life is different. and that’s okay.
i’m never sure what to say to people when they feel badly for sean and I that we don’t get to have all these things together. I married a cook. and that’s okay. it’s wonderful. this is who I love. and this is why I love him. yes, he works very very very long days for not much money. no we don’t get much time together. no, he doesn’t get to see his friends as often as he would like. I don’t want him to get a 9-5 desk job, because it would kill him. and it wouldn’t be him. I knew who I married. I knew the heart I married. and wouldn’t want to change that for a million dinners together, or a million weekends. I love being the wife of a cook.

for your knowledge – tonight I ate dinner at 1015pm by myself. it consisted of three kinds of cheese (chevere, brie and cheddar), beets, and a few belienies (champagne with peach nectar). as the wife of a cook, you might not always have the cook, but you always have fabulous ingredients to make something with. not matter how lazy you are.


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  1. B-Mill said, on 6 February 2006 at 5:53 pm

    Hey I have finally Blogged again, so you should read it. I hope you are doing well.

  2. rise up said, on 13 February 2006 at 3:16 am

    I am glad to hear that you are not discouraged by the meals alone. I hope that your life in Colorado is still going well, and I heard that you and Sean (and I imagine Kenna) will be going back to Calvin Crest this summer. That is good, it just seemed wrong without you two there.
    As for me, I will be going to work at a Christian summer camp in Kenya, about a half hour outside of Niarobi, at 7700 foot elevation. I will be there late May through mid August. I hope it will be a life changing experience, as was common fire (only it will be a bit different.

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