d i s c o v e r i n g monsters

it’s an exciting book

Posted in Uncategorized by Jules on 17 March 2008

I will spend the rest of this evening and probably a fair portion of the early morning (do to my complete lack of time management skills) studying the respiratory system. the above photograph is of tracheal epithelium showing both ciliated cells and nonciliated goblet cells. so pretty. however, let’s be positive, glass half-full type of people. it’s not that I lack time management skills, it’s just that my time wasting skills are highly developed. h-i-g-h-l-y developed.

on a completely different note, because although I know that you were riveted by the above topic, one must move on, least we find ourselves stuck tumbling down a rabbit hole of looping conversation about epithelium – which, is more easily done that one might imagine. I spent the better part of my time wasting skills researching a trip to upstate new york via the train. it’s all very exciting. the prospect of traveling by train, and being able to spend our “lay over” time in chicago roaming the city, exploring & eating incredible pizza is strangely more alluring than being stuck in airports (and all that comes with them) for 24 hours straight. if we can pull this off well, we could be planning our most romantic “period piece” vacation ever. traveling by train to the grandparent’s lake cottage, spending a day in chicago on departure and return travel, and enjoying our strange compartment room on a train sounds like a trip that will ensue an onslaught of incredible stories. not to mention that scenes of the darjeeling limited will flash through my memory continually – hopefully some quintessential sunglasses can be purchased for this trip…

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