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The Writing

Posted in Uncategorized by Jules on 3 May 2008

My sister in law is convinced that I should major in something to do with writing. Like creative writing. Each day she says this to me. Each day I make the scrunchie, yuck face.

“They” say that my writing is humorous and honest. To me it seems honestly boring, “Have you read my boring post? The one that slowly meanders it’s way through the paragraph as if it walked in with purpose and then couldn’t quite remember what it was and found itself opening the microwave to put the milk away?”. My writing has no direction much like my life has no direction. Direction-less. Well more like direction-void, because my writing does not have less direction that it used to, it just had no direction from the get go. My writing seems self indulgent at best and ridiculous most of the time. Maybe heartfelt, but heartfelt wanderings and indulgent musings are still crappy writing, even if you did really feel it. “This funny antidote is really from my heart,” well great, but it’s still a terrible read. A muddled merry-go-round. If I wait until there is something “meaningful” or productive or finished or hell good to write about there would be nothing here. When is it good enough? Oh probably never. Not competitive – just… Everyone is a writer and everyone is a guitar player – well… Many shouldn’t write, and most shouldn’t play. Here’s the thing, I’m not even totally interested in me. At best I find myself mildly amusing & unnecessarily sarcastic – but a “good read”. Humm. I don’t know about that. Perhaps I am gifted beyond reason – too easily able to laugh at myself and therefore my writing is sub par because I’m okay to laugh it off and say, “Well I never said I was a writer!” There’s the “they” that say that you can hear my inflection and my voice through my writing – but here’s the deal, can a stranger hear it? Someone who’s never met me? It’s debatable – and leaning far to the no side. One slightly humorous sentence amidst a sea of barf-o, does not good writing make. So do I confine myself to only future posts of superb writing? No – because then there would be no more posts. But I do wish for it to be more. Or if not more, let’s at least try for less bad. Funny tone cannot cover up bad, wandering writing. 


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  1. Geoff said, on 4 May 2008 at 5:17 pm

    julie, lets talk about a deal for adrian beltre.

  2. julie.oldroyd said, on 4 May 2008 at 9:11 pm

    Oh, I like Adrian – So it would have to be some deal… but feel free to send me an offer, and we’ll see.

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