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It’s Not That I Forgot About You

Posted in Uncategorized by Jules on 31 October 2008

Here is a photograph from our walk last weekend. October has been hard. There is something ticking away inside my head, itching to get itself out, but it’s waiting for something. Maybe it’s waiting for tomorrow. We shall see. 

However, if your curious what I’ve been doing with all my time, you can consult the list of films on the right. That, and writing a paper every day for the past, what.. twenty-three days straight? I’ve lost count. I’m starting to feel as if my writing skills are being whored out to the masses. I realize that’s some unapologetically horrible thing to say – but it is sucking the soul out of me to write this much. That, combined with October apparently being fart-brain month, has created a real hum-dinger of a hoedown. 

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