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Breakfast Walk

Posted in food, photography by Jules on 24 March 2009


Phone Booth Sticker


Walked down to Marczyk’s to pick up something pastry-like to eat for breakfast this morning. Honestly, I was looking for something that I could put butter on. I absolutely don’t spend my time thinking about what else I could put this butter on. What?  Once my up-too-late-what-the-heck-was-I-doing-all-night-long-why-did-I-watch-that-show-so-late-at-night eyes focused themselves on some house made Fresh Banana Nut Bread, I knew it was going to be a good morning. 

[If you, with your inquisitive ways, find that you ask yourself, “What the heck is that photo of?” I won’t chide you for your questionable grammar, but I will tell you that I am now labeling my photos. SO, if you float your mouse over the photo, a title will appear. Magic!]


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