d i s c o v e r i n g monsters


I live in the city, and enjoy food, writing, photography, music, books, scarves, coffee… 

Currently finishing a degree in Film Studies.

This is simply an outlet, a bit of this and a bit of that. Whatever strikes my fancy. Some words, some photos, some thoughts.


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  1. Jason Haggstrom said, on 3 November 2010 at 6:37 am

    Hey, Julie. Jason from your film classes here. Glad I found you and glad to see you’re doing well in your post-graduation adventures! I wasn’t able to find your email address anywhere so you’ll have to excuse my using the public forum to get a hold of you (though you certainly don’t need to publish this). I’m working on a project to create a website for the Film Studies department to showcase student, alumni, and (hopefully) faculty writing. The goal is to begin with essays from a small group of students before formerly announcing the site to the entire Film Studies program. Tiel mentioned that you produced some good work (I’m not surprised; you were always a great contributor in the class discussions) and so I was wondering if you’d be interested in contributing to the initial wave of essays for the site? It need not to be something new; digging out an completed essay from years ago is fine. For an example of what this website will be like, please check out my own site at http://www.reel3.com, and send me an email to let me know if this interests you. Thanks!

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