d i s c o v e r i n g monsters


Posted in love, moving by Jules on 6 February 2010

For the past 173 days I have hit the alarm clock, put myself in the shower, and cleared my head of all those thoughts I can’t have. ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE.

Days to go until graduation: 97


Days to go until I get to kiss your face: 40.


Hours to go until I get to hear your voice: 1.


1 is a number I can handle.



Posted in change, moving, photography, Vacation by Jules on 24 July 2009


I am finding some peace behind this new lens.


Keep, Give, Throw, Box, Move.

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List: What To Take To California & What To Give Away


And so it begins. Pandora is keeping me motivated these days. One car load has already been taken to the thrift store, sure to be followed by many more. There is such a freedom in simply giving away. My heart feels lighter. 

Many are surprised at the fact that we are already making lists, and getting rid of stuff, and asking people what furniture they may want. But the truth is that we will be on the road moving Sean out to California in three months. I still have to finish this semester, and there is a lot of work to be done so that we can be ready to move, and therefore every weekend from here on out there will be some sort of moving-related activity happening. Learning from past moves, I am a big proponent of doing a little bit for three months rather than doing everything at the very last moment – even though inevitably there will be a few things that still haven’t happened once moving day arrives.

This question (because they are all really just one big question) still seems to continually float just above my head: How do you move only 1/2 your family to another state? How will this work?  Can we do this? What if I can’t? What if I’m not strong enough to say goodbye?