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And Then I Went Some Places

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I graduated! Then… moved to California, went to France with my mom, Camped at Quaking Aspen with my family, headed to upstate NY to the lake cottage with Sean’s family, roamed about NYC, and am now home.



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Nieces. I like them. Even when they don’t like me. But I especially like them when they do like me. I also like when they’re only just 1 and they want to explain things like the ocean, and birds, and the moon to me.

Yesterday I finished The Brothers K, let it digest for a few hours, and then picked up my next novel Shutter Island. “The Orchid Thief” is on deck. After? Emma. And then? Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Reading on break is like trying to eat a decent lunch in thirty minutes. Not enough time.

sticky wednesday

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Walking Bridge Over Foothills

My thoughts are a little drained out for the time being, having just turned in my first paper for Film Theory & Criticism. However, I did watch The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene, 1920) last night and not only did I think it was an incredible film, but it seems I will continually be blown away at the amount of things that are going on in a film – the layering of meanings – even opposing meanings, the allegory, the political what-have-yous, the boldness, the creativity, the industry, the frame…

So rent it. Place it in your queue. Enjoy.

Everything The Same, Nothing Familiar

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I’ve started something new for someone old. A project.

And I am starting to catch glimpses of myself again.


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I am finding some peace behind this new lens.


Sour Cherry Pie

Posted in everyday life, food, friends, love, photography by Jules on 26 May 2009

Sour Cherry Pie


Heading over to our friend’s house this evening to eat this pie, catch up, and relax.

We bring the pie, they open the wine and make espresso.


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Hair, Sweater, Dress

Why it matters.

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Love from Berkeley


“Patty Keene was stupid on purpose, which was the case with most women in Midland City. The women all had big minds because they were big animals, but they did not use them much for this reason: unusual ideas could make enemies, and the women, if they were going to achieve any sort of comfort and safety, needed all the friends they could get.

So, in the interests of survival, they trained themselves to be agreeing machines instead of thinking machines. All their minds had to do was to discover what other people were thinking, and then they thought that, too.”


Breakfast Of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut

The End.

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Living Room - Early Morning Sunshine


Slowly and painfully typing each sentence for each paper, and memorizing stacks of fatuous facts. One more novel, four more films, Six more papers, three more tests, eleven more days. And then SUMMER!

Wednesday Photo

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Utah Desert - Arches National park


That one’s for you.

Finals mix is on the way.

Keep, Give, Throw, Box, Move.

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List: What To Take To California & What To Give Away


And so it begins. Pandora is keeping me motivated these days. One car load has already been taken to the thrift store, sure to be followed by many more. There is such a freedom in simply giving away. My heart feels lighter. 

Many are surprised at the fact that we are already making lists, and getting rid of stuff, and asking people what furniture they may want. But the truth is that we will be on the road moving Sean out to California in three months. I still have to finish this semester, and there is a lot of work to be done so that we can be ready to move, and therefore every weekend from here on out there will be some sort of moving-related activity happening. Learning from past moves, I am a big proponent of doing a little bit for three months rather than doing everything at the very last moment – even though inevitably there will be a few things that still haven’t happened once moving day arrives.

This question (because they are all really just one big question) still seems to continually float just above my head: How do you move only 1/2 your family to another state? How will this work?  Can we do this? What if I can’t? What if I’m not strong enough to say goodbye? 

The Early AM

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Flower Mug, Paper Notes



No amount of eye rubbing is going to make these eyes open up this morning – but this mug might. Up early to finish a film paper. A final paper. Not final as in, never-again-will-I-have-to-write-another-paper-about-a-film (because I still have the other 1/2 of this semester to survive + another year of school), but final, as in this crazy weekend class is over after I get my ass to finish writing one more page. (‘Final’ is really more of a fluid definition for me these days…)

So good morning early world. Hello snow. Meet your nemesis, this giant mug of french press coffee.

Unintentionally Intentional

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I am currently experiencing the bliss of mid-term holiday. You know – when you sit around avoiding what you need to do, not exactly enjoying anything because you’re not really on holiday, it’s simply pretend – a big farce, a ruse! Because you (the minion, remember – part of the hoi polloi) actually have a significant amount of work that must be completed by the time you return from said “vacation. ” Among other things, I need to write an unnecessarily long paper on a particular film (while also perhaps including fancy snippets and brilliant tie-ins from this film as well). I needed some help. ..In the form of popcorn. Typically I do not allow myself a leisurely cinema experience when watching a film that I am going to write about – in much the same way that one does not read a novel on holiday the same way one does “Literature” for a class. In essence they are the same thing – but in practicality, they occupy different universes.


The Great Popcorn Debacle of 2009.

In an attempt to make work a “fun” experience (which, subsequently, should never be done – it ruins the fun, and the work becomes sub-par) I thought I would enjoy a giant bowl of popcorn while re-screening the films, taking notes, developing brilliant and original thought/insight, etc. 

There were forces beyond my control. Vacation + Film Review + Paper Writing = Unrestrained Popcorn Eating

Now, popcorn eating, really – not a bad thing. Perhaps one could argue, even a healthy “snack.” However, unrestrained popcorn eating enters a different category. It has moved on past “snack” and plunged straight through to gluttony. In all truthfulness, it cannot be denied that there is really no UN-gluttonous way to enjoy popcorn. The entire premise of eating popcorn includes the rapid shoveling (literally) of food into ones mouth – to the point that you end up smashing your hand against your face, simply trying to shove in as many kernels as possible. Seeing as how I’m on vacation, I slept in, which really alters the daily meal schedule. Truthfully I needed to eat lunch, but because of this, our food-on-hand is a little short. After the classic opening of every cupboard (even those that don’t hold food, because maybe?), and opening the fridge and freezer a couple of times – I settled on popcorn. It seemed like a great idea. It was an awkward time to eat a meal (3pm) and I thought that perhaps this “snack” would get me through until dinner. Therefore I unintentionally intentionally ate an entire bowl of popcorn. Not a cereal bowl. A giant salad bowl size bowl. Then felt sick. Then tried to remedy this horrible feeling that I had inflicted upon myself by drinking multiple glasses of water (NaCl homeostasis and all..). And THEN decided that perhaps dumping some strawberry yogurt on the situation would help it improve. 

Needless to say, the only thing that can fix this is time – and waiting until the next meal. Hopefully one less ridiculous, and more balanced.

Dinner plans: Salmon, Couscous, Collard Greens. And all things not popcorn.

In My Pocket

Posted in photography by Jules on 25 March 2009

Fujifilm Finepix F45fd


In all her glory – here is my faithful point-and-shoot camera. I have begun to feel a bit less awkward about taking photos in public, but still a little funny. I often find myself wanting to explain to random passersby that I just found this stick, rock, trash, leaf, sign, shoe, or old peeling paint SUPER cool. I have very little talent at photographing people, however – it does not stop me from trying. I do have a talent for taking really awkward, unflattering photos of people. Perhaps I convey my awkwardness and therefore my subject becomes awkward. Hence, stickers, food, coffee cups – can’t feel emotionally uneasy.

Inanimate object + Camera + Me = Good

Human Subject + Camera + Me = Problematic

Breakfast Walk

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Phone Booth Sticker


Walked down to Marczyk’s to pick up something pastry-like to eat for breakfast this morning. Honestly, I was looking for something that I could put butter on. I absolutely don’t spend my time thinking about what else I could put this butter on. What?  Once my up-too-late-what-the-heck-was-I-doing-all-night-long-why-did-I-watch-that-show-so-late-at-night eyes focused themselves on some house made Fresh Banana Nut Bread, I knew it was going to be a good morning. 

[If you, with your inquisitive ways, find that you ask yourself, “What the heck is that photo of?” I won’t chide you for your questionable grammar, but I will tell you that I am now labeling my photos. SO, if you float your mouse over the photo, a title will appear. Magic!]

Along for the Journey.

Posted in photography by Jules on 23 March 2009

Utah Desert.

Posted in photography by Jules on 23 March 2009

On the docket: develop film. Until then, here are a few shots from the digital camera. I can only take credit for the first two, the last one is Sean’s.


Posted in photography by Jules on 23 March 2009

Six hour road trip to Arches National Park in the Utah Desert. The drive & the desert were good for my soul. A brilliant way to begin a new season. 

Butter, Berries, Cream & Spice

Posted in food, photography by Jules on 19 March 2009

Because of her and this I decided to make my own homemade butter. And can I just say.. what the hell have I been eating for 25 years?!!? Because this.. this… ahhhhhh. I now spend my time dreaming of what I could put butter on. I actually had to stop myself from making a “butter sandwich” consisting of just butter between two cookies. I know right? But I’m still currently having to stop myself from making that sandwich. 
This butter… if it is possible to make a tangible form of grace – this is it. This is grace. This butter. There is no conceivable way in which I am deserving of this – so, grace. Grace literally melting in my mouth. This afternoon I licked some of the butter off of my finger, and just started to cry. This tangible, edible grace. (And if you want – out of convenience and ignorance I’ve been eating shit for butter, and this is what He had for me. Don’t tell me there isn’t a perfectly packaged Sunday school lesson in this. Perhaps, minus the word shit. Maybe…)
For a mid-afternoon snack, and in an attempt to not completely clog my arteries, I had a bowl of blackberries & strawberries with cream, sugar, and cinnamon. It’s over. I’m in love. I have a difficult time with Church, “Church”, this church, that church, my church, your church, and, and, and, and, and – but what I do not have a difficult time with is this – this makes sense. This makes every word clear. This makes what is hard, understandable. This is joy. This is sustaining. This is grace.
This is love. Butter Love. Berry Love. Cream Love. Spice Love. God Love.